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Artist's Statement

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My background in Applied Theatre and collective creation continues to influence my work as a director and devisor. I believe that theatre can be an anti-racist and feminist space for personal and artistic transformation that teaches consent, risk, and supportive critique. My approach to both directing and devising is grounded in non-hierarchical collaboration where participants and artists are valued for their expertise and embodied knowledge of our creative subjects. Above all, I am dedicated to centering underrepresented voices in my work through mentorship and uplifting junior artist-scholars. 

COVID-19 has greatly affected all facets of artistry, demanding radical adaptation and generosity that I consider unique to the field of theatre. An historic election and demands for racial equity have inspired me to further commit to my vision for a theatre that welcomes artists of all backgrounds and experience levels and reframes what leadership looks like in a creative process. As a director and devisor, I am dedicated to working with artists who represent the diversity of race, social opportunity, gender, ability, and body type of our contemporary society. My professional goal is to foster an environment that embraces and amplifies underrepresented artists and their creative power.




(Photo by Emily Pickens, 2020)

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