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Research as Resistance

My research centers the experiences of Black and mixed Black Americans by using interdisciplinary approaches grounded in the fields of performance studies, history, and literature. I have extensive experience presenting my work at national and international conferences and have three articles currently under review for publication.


My tenure with Teatro Travieso makes me a confident and imaginative theatre-maker, dedicated to staging BIPOC testimonies. My doctoral dissertation, "Blood, Earth, Water: The Tragic Mulatta in History and Performance" explores how contemporary mixed-race Americans both embody and resist the national history that envelops us. Through traditional scholarly analysis and practice-as-research, I traverse the crossroads at which violence, miscegenation, history, and embodiment meet in order to curate a more nuanced understanding of race in the 21st century. My written dissertation is accompanied by a solo performance, which responds to my critical inquiries, and details methodologies for furnishing similar autoethnographic work. This study was undeniably influenced by the resurgence of racial justice protests throughout America and the continued unveiling of white scholars masquerading as Black and mixed Black people.

Please get in touch with me to learn more about how I can help your organization center inclusivity, equity, and anti-racism in your work!

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