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Artists Endure.

Hello readers! Its been awhile. I'm working on revamping my website to include new developments in my praxes, future plans, and opportunities to connect with me virtually. For now, please read this article I wrote for Interzine, an online journal that blends historical research with contemporary content.

I am currently posting semi-regular devising activities on my personal Instagram. Using the hashtag #DistanceDevising, I have encouraged viewers and participants to explore their surroundings and conduct small autoethnographic experiments while we practice social distancing. You can see past installments of #DistanceDevising under my "Devising!" highlight.

Last, but certainly not least, I am tentatively directing a fall production of As You Like It at the Ohio State University! I am so excited for this opportunity to create theatre in the new world we're living in. It's going to be a very different rehearsal process, but I am anxious to meet potential cast members and get back to work.

I hope everyone is staying safe and joining the fight for racial justice. #BlackLivesMatter

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